Why Our Campervan WONT PASS It’s MOT (Van Life Wales)

Why Our Campervan WONT PASS It's MOT (Van Life Wales)

It’s MOT TIME for our campervan conversion
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Its another van life vlog, In this video we start in Anglesey in North Wales at Menai Bridge. We meet the wonderful Angharad and family at the Green Olive for some vegan breakfast.

We then move onto Llandudno for the tram ride. Then onto Chester for some late lunch at the Jaunty Goat witn Liam’s family. Then it’s onto Barnsley for our camper van MOT, after an incredible park up at Stanage Edge #Wales #vanlifeuk #vanlife

The dressing for the sweet potatoes was basil, lemon, salt, clove of garlic, and oil…it’s delish

Ooo and the roof rack guy is Shaun at @mule vans – get in touch for all racks for vans


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We couldnt recommend the Electronics enough, and were supplied by Ecotree Lithium https://ecotreelithium.co.uk/ We will give a full honest review in the coming weeks, in exchange for the product being gifted on a PR Sample Basis

The new hatch on the roof of the campervan is a SkyMaxx, bit of a game changer for us, and comes in two sizes, compatible with roof thicknesses 23-60mm. Here is a link with locations to find one yourself https://leisurevehicleservices.co.uk/where-to-buy/ We got this as a PR sample, and are really impressed so far

The lighting on top of the van is supplied by AuxBeam and we love them, including that light-bar that is all operated by a switch panel and bluetooth. Here is a link https://auxbeam.com/

Our extremely comfortable duvet & pillows came from our friends at Duvet Hog, which are vegan and made of recycled materials. We have used them in our previous van and honestly is the comfirst bedding we hage ever bought. PR Sample https://duvethog.co.uk/?gclid=CjwKCAjwloCSBhAeEiwA3hVo_T0mieY25WIHjb5a-o_27lO89Hkbjxhca45IUIw6rbAtKPOMeEOUJxoCuksQAvD_BwE

Our mattress came from a company that do awesome made-to-fit mattresses for campervans (and houses). The company is called Custom Size Beds https://customsizebeds.co.uk/made-to-measure-mattresses/

The Woodburner is from Outbacker Stoves

The Fridge is a 130l Webasto, and is really good so far, once again will let you know more in coming weeks

Both the cooker and the oven are from Jackson Leisure, and are Thetford branded

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31 thoughts on “Why Our Campervan WONT PASS It’s MOT (Van Life Wales)”

  1. Hi your favourite park up is our local go to place when we want to chill ..,how lucky are we ..looking forward to your up coming plans for Europe ,but being beach lovers can’t believe you missed that Llandudno has infact got 2 beaches and both very different ….well at least that’s a reason to return when you get back to UK … Enjoy your travels

  2. Last time you were talking about travel in narrow streets in Europe. What about looking at those collapsible electric bikes which seem great…takes little space and energy whichever way you look at it. Love your channel. I am in the Caribbean so please take up the rastamans invitation to travel in this area.

  3. Really pleased Morgan passed his MOT. Love the new video and great to see you guys again. Take care out there, happy travels 🌈🌿

  4. Great video 👍 always stressful getting your vehicle passed for rego 😩🤣 and that last park up was gorgeous for sure 🙌 thanks again for your video 👌😍

  5. I could feel those hugs from here🤗
    Another great feel good video that couldn’t fail to put anyone in a Happy place! Congrats on the MOT👍😀

  6. Love this one.

    Just to say, skip the microwave, get an instant pot. Pre-steam your potatoes (take 20mins in the IP), and keep them in the fridge (uncovered). When you fancy baked pots they’ll be ready in 20–30 mins rather than hours. 😊

  7. Travelling Yogini Kas

    Ahhhhhh AMAZING video 😀 i needed this. 😀 My last week here in Himachal is soooo HARD. The hosts begging me for money constantly (by the way they r rich) and also trying to manipulate me (same hosts who didn’t like my thumbnails) So i was so down and pissed off….. and this video has cheered me right up and changed my mood ❤️❤️❤️ The young youtuber was sooooo DELIGHTFUL and yes…. I will check out her channel 😀😀😀 Congratulations to Morgan for passing his MOT 🎉 Thank you for sharing the Wales series with us. And good luck with the Europe preps. I know i say this everytime but I’m sooooo HAPPY i will be much closer in proximity to you guys soon. 😀
    Namaste and Blessings
    Kas ❤️🕉️❤️🕉️❤️🕉️❤️❤️🕉️❤️🕉️

  8. ahhh you cant live off a vegan diet. you have to supplement. which proves the point. we are omnivores. if you can kill it, pick it, pluck it, dig it up you can eat it and live a good life. Removing meat from your diet is totally unnatural.

  9. Angharad hope It’s spelt right was so pleased to meet you , I’m a little jealous I didn’t get a hug , lovely lady, incredible courage

  10. Hello Liam and Jackie great Morgan past mot. On the road again. Pat and I ha ve just come back from 18 days in Ireland which was amazing. BUT we were not happy with not being able to park on beaches as there was height restrictions. One in particular Inch beaches in Dingle. It was a beautiful day, just arrived and we couldn’t park anywhere along that very long stretch of beach. Sadly we couldnt park anywhere ( laybys) only at campsites which were of high standard which means higher cost to stay. It was a great holiday. Lovely to meet Angharad and family. Lovely girl. What is the name of her Utube channel please Geraldine shropshire thank you x

  11. Gerhard ter Velde

    Nice vlog, do you have heating in the water tanks, because when it is going to freeze you have a problem. Greetings Gerhard from the Netherlands.

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