Tiny campervan with toilet, shower + kitchen, sleeps four : Dreamer Cap Lande

Tiny campervan with toilet, shower + kitchen, sleeps four : Dreamer Cap Lande

This tiny campervan is based on the L2H1 Custom Ford Transit and is 534cm long, 199cm wide (excluding mirrors) and two metres high. It weighs three tons. The video also gives a demonstration of how to make the lower bed in this tiny campervan which is initially quite complicated but I suppose that in time one would get used to it.

Features include :
+Dual interior access with double sliding door
+Face-to-face dinette
+Clean-up area with shower
+18-litre cassette toilet with removable tank
+Kitchen with separate hob and sink
+Pop-up roof as standard
+Storage under refrigerator
+Dinette storage chest
+WEBASTO DIESEL heating as standard

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27 thoughts on “Tiny campervan with toilet, shower + kitchen, sleeps four : Dreamer Cap Lande”

  1. LOL I liked the lay out until you put the bed together. I was LOL the whole time, never in a million years would you want yo do that every day. LOL 😂 thank god cushions are numbered. LOL 😂

  2. This is a good van if you happen to be a minimalist. It looks to have everything one would want but on a smaller scale. The one downfall I saw was that the shore power hookup is on the inside of the van. Why would they have done that? Am I missing something?

    1. Why don’t you clear off instead of making stupid, ignorant comments? This video was actually done with someone from the company.

  3. Ya wouldn’t want to be drunk making up that bed 🤔🤔🤔
    westfalia Nugget is way better
    This is to much of a faff to do
    crazy system

  4. About the beds. I suppose French logic has never been exactly the same as British logic. I’m surprised Canada has never been blown apart.

  5. Woah, I’m exhausted watching you do the bed, and really why bother with that shower, can you imagine everything will be getting a hose down when you try and change water angles. Just say no.

  6. TheRoamingBen

    This might actually be the worst bed setup/design I’ve ever seen! Id probably just sleep on the floor. 😂.

    1. Ben, I think that one has to bear in mind the size of the vehicle which makes it difficult to set a bed up but on the subject of sleeping on the floor, I have argued for this in many videos. I have ordered an air mattress to see how well this works!

    2. @Alan HeathSometimes the best solution is the simply solution indeed Alan! Airbeds nowadays can be pretty darn good!

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