The impressive new 2022 campervan from Adria aimed at active buyers after quality as well as space

The impressive new 2022 campervan from Adria aimed at active buyers after quality as well as space

We review in detail the all-new Twin Sports 640 SG four-berth campervan from Adria, which has a huge rear storage area for bikes, sports accessories, etc, a rising roof providing the extra berths and the high quality we’ve come to expect from this Slovenian manufacturer.

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◼️ REVIEWED BY: Peter Vaughan, Group Motorhome Road Test Editor for MMM magazine and What Motorhome magazine Editor. Peter has been writing about motorhomes since the age of 14, has a love of touring France and is mad about old Italian sports cars.

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29 thoughts on “The impressive new 2022 campervan from Adria aimed at active buyers after quality as well as space”

  1. The sunroof in the Adria is great – but it really creaks when it gets warm so beware if you want a quiet cab !
    This is a great van for a sporty couple.

  2. Can I just say your videos are outstanding information given top notch Great quality great advice and it’s a pleasure to watch it’s like shopping for a van without leaving your home thank you to you and your team keep up the hard work

  3. As ever the gold standard in YouTube camper/motorhome reviews by Peter.
    We missed seeing an exploration of the cupboards/gas locker under the bed, but that is a minor tweak.
    Not for me at 6.4m long, will stick with my 4.9m California, but I could see this being suitable for a young family with lots of bikes and kayaks.
    Polstead looks lovely, I do like these continental style campsites with the individual pitches enclosed by hedges.

  4. Super usable garage and easy space for 4 in exchange for rather dark sleeping quarters at the back and a couple of compromises on space up front ….. I see what they’re trying to do and it’s good 👍 you can get bikes under the bed in a standard twin but you have to disassemble them a bit – this solves that another way

  5. Loved the way review was done, smooth flow of vital information, top of my list of to buy choices. Would have been nice to see the driver’s cab and relevant info. With the high second hand market prices, is brand new a better option?.

    1. MotorhomeCampervan

      If you can find what you want in stock at a dealer, I’d go new at the moment but, if you order from the factory, build times from some makers are over 12 months currently.
      I didn’t focus on the cab because it was the old model and LHD.

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