2021 WildAx, ADRIA and Globecar CAMPERVANS Walk Thru | Ep282

2021 WildAx, ADRIA and Globecar CAMPERVANS Walk Thru | Ep282

A big THANK YOU to Highbridge Caravan Centre at Newton Abbot for allowing us to film their campervans and motorhomes. Website – http://www.highbridgecaravans.co.uk/ In Part 1 we look at WildAx, Aria and Globecar campervans and do a quick walkthrough of some new 2021 models.


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Motorhome – Fiat Ducato Swift Bolero 724FB (2017)
Car – Skoda Citigo (2016)

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Equipment used for filming:
Camera – Canon PowerShot G7X MkII
GoPro Black 7 with Rode mike and Ulanzu mini tripod
SmartPhone – iPhone 11 Pro
Mini Tripod – GoPro Black 3-Way Arm
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Dashcam – NextBase 212 Lite

46 thoughts on “2021 WildAx, ADRIA and Globecar CAMPERVANS Walk Thru | Ep282”

  1. Gallivanting Galante's

    Hi Trev and Sue, made me laugh when you said it’s like the old days!! Ha ha, nice to have a look inside some vans again. Thank you for sharing x

  2. Trev likes anything shiny “Oh look shiny knobs” Thanks for showing us around. BTW since lockdown, you sound even more Suffolk. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just an observation. Graham

  3. Happy Place Camping

    I really kind of like the striped upholstery design in that one. I do like the dark color of the exterior of the one. They should have put the striped upholstery in that one lol. I like the storage above the bed. Oh that swing around thing to create the shower space is awesome! I like the silvery exterior color, but not a huge fan of the upholstery in it. It also needs the striped lol. Do like the skylight. Hmmm the shower in the floor is interesting. Oh yeah the screen across the open door is very nice. Great tours!! By the way, I love Sue’s jeans! So cute!

  4. Hetty’s Motorhome Adventures

    Well done, it’s been a long time since we had review videos, always visit this dealership when we are down that way, the 2nd Wildaxx did it for me 👍

  5. Lovely video, amazing what they manage to fit in. Always liked van conversions, but not practical for us anymore, think we will be sticking with the caravan. Thanks for sharing🙂Mark & Coral

  6. We both enjoyed that my husband is now hankering after the last one you showed us but I feel it would be just a tad to narrow for me 👍🏻💫🥂

    1. Anne, over the coming 2 weeks we look at more vans on Wednesday, Saturday, Monday and Thursday. Some are small coach builds. You may like the Adria, Swift or Chausson. We enjoyed our trip to the dealership but were glad of a cup of tea when we got back 😉 Trev

  7. Lucky Dawg Productions Moderator

    Always enjoy your walk throughs of these motorhomes and camper vans. Think I liked the 2nd one the best. I like having a dedicated bed area and not having to set up a bed every night and tear it down in the morning. Good idea to see Sue wearing the protective gloves.

  8. 6 metre motor homes with an overcab bed are usually the bees knees for room space and exterior dimensions, sadly people are constantly complaining about the lack of power points on vans of all sizes.

    1. Like I said, I think it’s unfashionable to have an overcab bed these days. We have so many gadgets, all people want is power points and USBs everywhere 😃 Trev

    2. Kids do have something to do with it. I don’t think old farts like me want to climb into an overcab bed 😂😂 Trev

    1. We used a table to make up the bed in our CI Sprite in the mid eighties. It’s not a new idea but just proves that the basic ideas still work today 😃 Trev

  9. You know its absolutely enlightening when you get two people giving their views on a van it gives a far more comprehensive presentation of the practicality of the vehicle.

    1. Thanks Mark. We must try not to talk at the same time though. Sue and I were very excited in this video to be looking round vans again so couldn’t contain ourselves 🤣 Trev

  10. Certainly need to take into account how much cleaning would need to be done , how easy it is to do and how much time its going to involve.

    1. When we changed to a Motorhome from a Caravan, I was amazed how much more difficult Motorhomes are to keep clean. 😀 Trev

  11. Woolleycod wanderers

    Thoroughly enjoyed this video 👍 love to have a nosey in van’s especially campervans 👍 … excellent team work guys loved ❤️ it … ❤️👵🏼🐾🐾🤠 xxx

    1. That’s very kind thank you. We were very excited to be looking at campervans and motorhomes again. We are nosey too and the sales guy could clearly see how pleased we were to be looking at their vans. 😃 Trev

  12. Bet that was good to finally look around some vans, I haven’t been to a dealers for a while. Like the first WildAx, everything you need and a big fridge. Would be a great van for exploring. Sue is getting a dab hand at showing us around vans. cheers, Martin

  13. Carefree Caravanning & Motorhoming

    Very interesting to watch Trev & Sue, it’s always incredible to see the layouts & the amount of storage available in these vans! Thanks for sharing, best wishes to you both, Keith & Michele x

    1. Oh yes… I am trying to be very careful at the moment. Non of my vans make it to 3 years of ownership normally and we got Bertie in March 2017. Sue is keeping a very close eye on me 😂 Trev

  14. Crafty Campervanners

    It is better to have a shiny knob rather than a dull one. We enjoyed watching you two have a good time reviewing these interesting vans.

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